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Switching the Poles is a documentary about ITM’s unique capacity building programme in developing countries, supported by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

Switching the Poles - Journalists in Residence

Journalists in Residence

Since 2014, the Institute of Tropical Medicine yearly invites a journalist from Africa, Asia or Latin America for a residency of several weeks. While in Antwerp, they deepen their understanding of tropical medicine and global health issues.

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Switching the Poles - Installation


In 2020, Antwerp called in the help of physicians and scientists from 18 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to fight the outbreak of the Antwerp Virus. Thanks to their expertise the outbreak was eradicated.

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Switching the Poles - Des Mères Parlent

Des Mères Parlent

Millions of women worldwide miss out on medical follow-up during and after their pregnancy. They often live in remote areas with limited access to emergency obstetric care facilities. Cultural and communication issues are also complicating factors.

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